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1/16 2.4G 4WD 52km/h High Speed
Brushless RC Car Dessert Buggy

$130.00 (w/xtra battery) BRUSHLESS

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WL Toys 18402

1:18 2.4G V2-A 4WD 380 Brush Motor
Built-in Battery RC Car.


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SG 1601

SG 1601 1/16 2.4G Brushed RC Car Big Foot High Speed Vehicle With Head Lights

Orange or Green

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WL Toys 18403

1:18 2.4G RC Car 4WD Electric
Short Course Vehicle


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WL Toys A979

2.4GHz 4WD Radio Control Car Off Road Crawler High Speed Monster

$85.00 (w/Xtra Battery)

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WL Toys 18428

4WD 1/18 2.4G 40KM/H High Speed Monster Vehicle Remote Control Car RC Buggy Off-Road Car - Lime Green Only

$80.00 (w/Xtra Battery)

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WL Toys A979B-S White

2.4G 1:18 Scale - 4WD Monster Truck
Steel Differential

$105.00 (w/xtra battery)

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WL Toys 12428

WLtoys 12428 RC Car 4WD 1/12 2.4G 50KM/H High Speed Monster Vehicle Remote Control Car RC Buggy Off-Road Car

(SOLD OUT) $130.00 w/Xtra battery

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WL Toys 124302

WLtoys 124302 1:12 RC Car 2.4GHz 4WD Full-Scale Speed 1200G Load Military Off-road RC Car for Beginners

$85.00 (w/xtra Battery)

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1/18 4WD Buggy Off Road 1:18 RC Car 70km/h 2.4G Radio Control Truck
Steel Differential

$105.00 w/xtra battery

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HSP 94972 BigFoot

Methanol Oil Powered RC Monster


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SG 1602
Orange or Green

2.4G 1/16 Brushed RC Car High Speed 45km/h Vehicle


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2.4G 1:12 1/12 Scale RC Cars Supersonic Monster Truck Off-Road Vehicle Buggy


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WL Toys 144001

2.4G Racing RC Car 4WD
High Speed Remote Control

$135.00 w/Batteries
Upgraded Charger
Color may Vary

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WL Toys A959

2.4GHz 1:18 Full Proportional Remote Control 4WD Vehicle

$85.00 (Blue Only)

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WL TOYS 104310

1/10 2.4Ghz Remote Control Crawler Electric Simulation RC Off-road Vehicle Truck

$85.00 w/xtra battery

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WL Toys 124018

1/12 RC Car 60Km/h High Speed Electric Car 2.4G 4WD Remote Contrl Car RC Off-road Crawler Vehicles Toys for Kid


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Shop Quadcopters & Drones

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H117S Zino 4K GPS 5G WIFI FPV RC Drone With 3-Axis Gimbal RTF(Drone)

$395.00 (w/Xtra Battery)

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GPS 5G WiFi FPV with 6K ESC HD Camera 2-Axis Gimbal Optical Flow Positioning Brushless Foldable RC Drone Quadcopter RTF


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FIMI A3 5.8G 1KM FPV With 2-axis Gimbal 1080P Camera GPS RC Drone Quadcopter RTF - 5.8G FPV

$395.00 w/xtra battery

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Aero Photographic Quad Copter
HD Camera - Brushless - Carrying Case Upgraded Transmitter Battery Extra Drone Battery

$325.00 w/Case

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XK X150W

X150W WiFi FPV With 720P Camera Optical Flow Positioning Altitude Hold RC Drone Quadcopter

$60.00 Blue Only

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X4 - H501c

RC Quadcopter GPS RC Drone Brushless Motor drone with 1080p HD Camera Altitude Hold Rc Helicopter

$149.00 w/xtra Battery

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XKX - 130T

5.8G FPV 3D/6G Mode Racing Drone with HD Camera 2.4G 4CH Carbon Fiber Frame RTF Mini RC Quadcopter


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Wally World RC Helis :

Wally Berklund

524 Cemetery Rd.

Park City, MT 59063

Office: (406) 633-2811

Cell: (406) 860-6841

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